Why us?

New in Shzenzhen? you may have these problems

  1. Where can I find accommodation?
  2. Where can I get the latest policies for a start-up?
  3. Where can I find free office space?
  4. Where can I link to high-quality business resources?
  5. How to handle import and export regulations?
  6. How to register company’s trademark?
  7. How to deal with the company’s finance and tax?
  8. How to build a brand in China?
  9. How to apply for policy subsidy?
  10. How to apply for settling in Shenzhen?
  11. How to get foreign companies examined and approved?
  12. How to attract investment and participate in the exhibition?
Why US插图

We provide:

  • for future reference

    For entrepreneurs in the Greater Bay Area, we provide free office space, investment and financing resource matching, connection with high-quality third-party service platform and other services. We aim to help the talents with office space, brand building, resource linking and other issues they may face.

  • Consulting Services

    We provide consulting services such as talent/entrepreneurship policy consulting, assistance in living in Shenzhen, industry analysis and other services to help talents quickly understand the business environment in the Greater Bay Area.In addition, we provide one-stop consulting services for talents' employment, entrepreneurship, and general living advice.

  • Commercial Services

    We help you with company registration, finance and taxation services, bookkeeping, auditing, import and export license, food business license, and commercial affairs services (company name change, legal person change, address change, etc.).

  • Enterprise Qualification Application Service

    We help talents apply for government qualification, government subsidy, Hong Kong subsidy and other application services. For enterprises, we help to apply for national high-tech certification, trademark registration, etc. For entrepreneurs, we help to apply for start-up subsidy, office subsidy, special fund subsidy, BUD and more.

  • Cross-border Financial Services

    For foreign investment companies and financial leasing companies, we offer structural solutions, approval processing, bank recommendation, foreign financial leasing establishment and other services.

  • Event Services

    We provide a full range of activities catering to the enterprises' demands, including activities relative to the brand, investment and more. We provide exhibition planning, themed activities, offline seminar and other activities planning.