Longhua GBA Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Center

4th Floor, YiGongChang Building #5, No.8 Golf Road, Guanlan Block, Longhua District, Shenzhen

Longhua GBA Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Center

With the theme of “New Culture and Creativity”, Longhua Service Center combines the development needs of innovation and the creative culture from Guanlan Print Artists Village, Aohu Art Village, Guanlan Art Workshop, and Guanlan Redwood and other unique cultural resources of Guanlan zone. We build the first innovation and entrepreneurship service center in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area with the theme “new cultural and creative”. It provides workplaces, interpretation of entrepreneurial policies, entrepreneurial counseling, practical support, resource links and intellectual property applications etc, as an one-stop service.

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  • Cultural
  • Creative
  • Technology

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  • Guanlan Lake station, Shenzhen Metro Line 4
  • 35mins to Shenzhen North Railway Station
  • 1 hour to Bao’an Airport

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Surrounding Area

Located in the first international urban complex project across the Shenzhen-Dongguan twin city-Guanlan Lake New Town HM Mall, it gathers international hotel, business, shopping, entertainment, and leisure life all together.


  • Free office space for 6-12 months.
  • Free access to the meeting room, reception area, leisure area.
  • Fully equipped office.
  • Seminars on policy, commercial, financial and taxation and  legal, as well as project roadshow activities.
  • Professional policy analysts consulting services on talent policies and inclusive policies for entrepreneurship in the Greater Bay Area.
  • Discover project needs in depth, provide professional advice, and help entrepreneurs connect with investment institutions
  • Organize tours for entrepreneurs to visit industrial parks, and recommend where to get further support after the expiration of the term with us.
  • Provide recruitment / promotion / supply chain upstream and downstream linking services for the settled team




Core projects

This project is to develop an online museum visiting platform, invite gold tour guides to join the platform and commentate, and after the platform is in the operation stage, we will promote through travel agencies and tour guides. In the future, video content will be introduced to complete the upgrade from audio to vision; VR (virtual reality) will be introduced to complete the upgrade from vision to interaction. We will also work with the attractions to introduce interesting activities and create new cultural and creative products.

Aidi Design Studio is a team that designs, develops and manufactures indoor installation art works by combining modern new materials, light and shadow interaction and other technologies. Firstly, the team will understand the functional requirements of the clients, and then improves the visual decoration of the space, combining the area size, color, height of each area of the ceiling, lighting and natural lighting and other conditions of the space, using the designed display device. The work promotes the space’s strengths and avoids its weaknesses.

The entrepreneurial project is the development and manufacturing of intelligent hardware products for interactive art installations. The founding team combined various themes and independently explored the methods and concepts of interactive installations. Through the use of visual images, electronic development, software programming, mechanical design, material processing and other technologies, combined with the brand concept (or theme concept) , to create highly attractive and branding focused art products. The main advantages of the entrepreneurial team are the development of high-quality interactive device smart hardware products and the founder’s past project experience.

Innovation Dojo refers to an experimental field, operating field, and training field from hardware to software from physical space design, sound and light coordination, props, scene guidance, to creative stimulation, innovative logic, thinking mode, and psychological training. Even ordinary people in this scene can become creative and full of whimsical ideas through the changes of sound and light, the guidance of props, the training of psychology and the training of basic thinking methods, and with the assistance of the teacher, they can gradually become creative and create valuable products.

Vin Buddies is a wine technology platform dedicated to designing a big data platform driven by AI. Through machine learning, consumers are empowered to choose wine and acquire more cultural knowledge of wine. Our goal is to help consumers choose wine confidently without knowing the wine.


Multi function area

Meeting room

Office area

Exhibition area

Dynamic office area


Shared space

Shared space