Fuhai Street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen


Entrepreneurship Island for Returned International Talents (EIRIT) is positioned as the “First stop for returnee and overseas entrepreneurship and employment services in the Greater Bay Area”. It provides overseas talents with free office space for 6 months, policy consultation, social activities, integrated supply chain resources to solve the issues, including misinformation,  difficulty in integration, and lacking business connections. We also provide precise one-stop services for people from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, returned overseas students and foreigners on entrepreneurship and employment.

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  • Intelligent manufacturing
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Biomedicine

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  • Close to Shenzhen Metro Line 11
  • 37 minutes to Shenzhen Bao'an Airport
  • 5 minutes to Fuhaixi Railway Station

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Surrounding area

There are many intentional communities and young talent apartments within 3 kilometers radius, as well as many restaurants covering nearly all types of cuisines. We are also close to the world's largest convention and exhibition center - Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center.


  • Free office space for 6-12 months.
  • Free access to the meeting room, reception area, leisure area.
  • Fully equipped office.
  • Seminars on policy, commercial, financial and taxation and  legal, as well as project roadshow activities.
  • Professional policy analysts consulting services on talent policies and inclusive policies for entrepreneurship in the Greater Bay Area.




Core Projects

MetalenX is a technology enterprise focusing on the design, manufacture and develop application system of superlenses. The company is composed of top scholars in the field of international photonics and senior personnel in the semiconductor industry. It has a number of core patents in the field of superlens, complete design theory and mature processing technology. Products cover from visible light to infrared bands, and can be customized design and production. MetalenX is committed to applying planar superlens technology to consumer electronics, security monitoring, drones, smart driving, 5G new infrastructure and new energy.

Yangming Quantum Technology is committed to the technological development and production of quantum nanomaterials and quantum semiconductor devices. They have developed quantum nanomaterials covering ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared bands, and completed pilot-scale production, which can meet the customized requirements from various customers. It is widely used in new quantum LEDs, quantum photovoltaics, lasers, sensors and other fields. The industrialization of flexible quantum photoelectric conversion devices is underway. Because of its wide range of raw material sources, low cost on liquid phase processing , and wide spectrum range available, it is expected to become a revolutionary new energy technology.

Gradient Technology is a medical AI technology startup company based in Shenzhen. It provides a medical-grade disease screening algorithm library and uses smart devices to provide cost-effective health monitoring solutions. Gradient Technology’s DeepKit AI platform builds a mature AI-driven health analysis ecosystem using multiple parameters such as heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), skin temperature, blood oxygen saturation, respiration, and blood pressure. DeepKit relies on edge computing technology and federated learning infrastructure to provide multi-dimensional disease discovery, analysis, prediction and insight from diverse data sources from both China and abroad.

Non-point source pollution on a rainy day has become an important cause of urban water environmental pollution. The urban overflow pollution intelligent control package technology project is based on the team’s research on combined overflow theory, scientifically and quickly predicts overflow; design and develop intelligent overflow pollution control interception wells, to achieve control concept of “efficient interception”, and support the rapid treatment technology of overflow water at the end of the pipe network to achieve the integration of multiple key technologies. It can control all aspects of the rainwater runoff transmission process, and ultimately achieve the goal of reducing the pollution load and protecting the urban water environment.

Kamerawerk develops a new binocular 3D camera, AI algorithm and the software. The binocular 3D camera has the advantages of large measurement range, accurate depth measurement, and compact in size. The camera can enhance the effect of current 3D applications, and make more flexible image processing, artificial intelligence applications (AR, visual navigation vSLAM, etc.) proudly achieved, and it is used in various fields, especially in the consumer electronics industry (smartphones, drones, Virtual reality (VR & mixed reality MR, services and sweeping robots, etc.) have a wide range of applications.




Common Room


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Common Room