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In Shenzhen, we Build an innovative and entrepreneurial incubation ecosystem


Who we are

Hex Space operates 5 spaces to help overseas talents who are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship in Shenzhen, China, the central city of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA). As a subsidiary company of Hex Cubes, we provide all around service to help start a new business in China and solve problems such as communication issues, maladjustment, insufficient resources, etc. There is no age or nationality restrictions on application.
  • Free Assistance in living

    Assistance on where to get food, accommodation and transport in Shenzhen, we also provide information on tourism and entertainment.

  • Free support on socializing

    Join our entrepreneurial community and communicate with entrepreneurs with different background.

  • Free office space

    3-12 months free office space.

  • Free support on understanding government policies

    Provide policy consultation and planning relating to entrepreneurship, employment and talents.

  • Free entrepreneurial events

    Regularly hold seminars, forums, research trips and other entrepreneurial related activities.

  • Free resourses support

    Continuously provide resources matching, help you connect with industrial parks, investment and financing institutes and upstream/downstream supply chain links.

Our 5 Spaces

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest

We organize start-up pitch around the needs of entrepreneurial teams from both domestice and abroad, and provide entrepreneurial teams with the latest information on events such as Shenzhen Innovation Competitions. We offer pre-competition training and post-competition landing support to help the entrepreneurs grow quickly through the competitions.

Corporate Visits and Communication

Hex Space regularly organizes a series of corporate visits and exchange activities. Through visits and exchanges, to build a communication channel for entrepreneurs in the Bay Area, experience the advanced management methods and cutting-edge technology of outstanding enterprises, and promote mutual interaction and growth.

Policy Explanation Seminar

The cities in the Greater Bay Area have introduced a range of entrepreneurial support policies to help overseas entrepreneurial projects land and develop. Hex Space regularly organizes overseas talent innovation and entrepreneurship policy briefings to help our residents allocate and apply for government subsidies.

Outdoor Activities

We organize outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, picnics and ball playing, etc., to enhance communications between residents of our spaces. The activities help the teams relax and get to know each other. You are not alone on the road to entrepreneurship!

Seminar Series

Hex Space regularly holds seminars on intellectual property rights, tax planning, and partnership systems that help companies grow. It contains professional knowledge with practical case studies that help start up companies grow smoothly.

Festivals Celebration

Hex Space also holds parties for talents to celebrate festivals all over the world, such as: Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Women’s Day, Christmas, and Halloween etc. We send holiday greetings and blessings to talents who stay in Shenzhen and provide opportunities for gathering, communication and sharing, so that talents can be full feel the warmth of ‘home’.

Policy Briefings

The cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area have introduced a range of entrepreneurial support policies to help overseas entrepreneurial projects land and develop. Hex Space regularly organizes overseas talent innovation and entrepreneurship policy briefings to help plan and apply for policy subsidies.

What our residents say?

Who says entrepreneurship is always lonely? At EIRIT, you will never be alone, because the EIRIT has dream-filled entrepreneurial partners from all walks of life, enthusiastic and professional operating teams, and a wealth of online and offline entrepreneurial activities and opportunities... At EIRIT, we grow together, Entrepreneurs are not alone!

I'm from Wuxi, and I came to Shenzhen after graduation with a dream of starting my own business. But I can't decide whether I should stay in Shenzhen or go back to my hometown. Luckily, the Xidong Overseas High-level Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center solved my problem perfectly. First, I utilise the 6 months free office space in Shenzhen for project incubation, and then I will go back to my hometown for further development. Now I have been in Overseas High-level Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center for two months, and I find it has a rich entrepreneurial atmosphere and a particularly comfortable environment. Thanks to the Overseas High-level Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center for its support and help.

As a young literary adult, I soon fell in love with Guanlan when I first came to Shenzhen, and I also quickly settled in the Guanlan International District Service Center. The service center is the first innovation and entrepreneurship centre with the theme of "new cultural and creative", I've found many like-minded friends. Not only that, the operation team also built a high-quality third-party service organization for the brand of my project, which solved my worries.

I am an overseas returnee originally from Wuxi. I developed my own projects when I was studying abroad. After I graduated and returned home, I noticed a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere in China. I participated in many talent forums, returnee exchange salons and other activities through Overseas High-level Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, and made many like-minded entrepreneurial partners. They were my mentors and friends, and every activity gave me new entrepreneurial ideas. I am very grateful to Overseas High-level Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center for giving us this platform for returnees entrepreneurs.

Thank you for operating the overseas returnee entrepreneurial community with your heart, and connecting excellent friends together. Whether it’s the Baochuang contest held on EIRIT or the interesting content shared with us, it has brought us a lot of inspiration for entrepreneurs. At the same time, it has also given us more opportunities to communicate with investment institutions and successful entrepreneurs. Thank you for everything you have done, and happy second anniversary!


To fulfill my dream, I came to Shenzhen from Hong Kong alone. Facing a strange city, I felt I was lost, then I came to the GBA Youth Entrepreneurship Camp, where I can not only make new friends, but also consult the Bay Area policies that are useful for me, and even provide life guidance to solve my worries about food, clothing, housing and transportation. I have already checked in many interesting places and restaurants in Shenzhen, which makes me fall in love with this city more and more.


I have participated in every activity organised by the GBA Youth Entrepreneurship Camp. As a start-up, I know that not only the technical strength is necessary, but also the operation of the company is imporant. The seminars on partner system, tax planning, and intellectual property rights held by the GBA Youth Entrepreneurship Camp have taught me a lot of professional knowledge and made me a more savvy and rational decision-maker.


We are about to leave the EIRIT, and are reluctant to leave the EIRIT operation team and residents who have given me great support and help. But what gives me peace of mind is that the operation team of EIRIT connected our team to an industrial park in Bao'an District, which solved the problem of our company's new home. It is so considerate~ Thanks! I look forward to my company's upcoming journey of development and growth!



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